September 12, 2009


Having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.

    Fearless, dauntless, valiant; courtly; faithful, true, devoted.

Top 10 Ways a Woman Can Be Chivalrous

10. KEEP THE CHANGE:Men are expected to pay all the time dating or not. If you really like the guy, surprise him and foot the bill. Guys like to be treated once in a while too.

9. SUPPLY HIM WITH SWEET OXYGEN: Get him a Rose plant. Men are not used to getting flowers. Get him a rose plant that he can keep in his room, supplying oxygen to his heart. And it doesn’t hurt that every time he waters it he will think of you.

8. OBSERVE & REACT: Women are used to and expect men to notice and acknowledge the details of their beauty. Make sure he does not go unnoticed either. Notice the way the light hits his eye, the uniquely placed moles on his face, and the distinctive arch of his brow. Be sensitive and attentive to his unspoken feelings. Observe his beauty and make it known to him.

7. DARLING DANKE SCHOEN: Sometimes many of the things that are expected from our men go un-thanked. We expect roses, doors held open, chairs pulled out, him paying for dinner, telling us how beautiful we look, picking us up..etc..etc. We must not let our manners slip from underneath us. Make sure you notice the unspoken ways he expresses his care for you. Sometimes all that’s needed to make him feel appreciated is a genuine heartfelt Thank You.

6. SHARING IS CARING: Although he loves us to death, he sometimes needs his space. Space means nothing more than space. Be understanding and comforting towards his need or want to spend time with his friends.

5. VUALLA, BEHOLD A DATE: Take the initiative in organizing and arranging date night to his liking. Surprise him with a morning, noon, or evening of romance that will keep him beaming through the date.

4. SENSITIVE GIFT CAP: Make sure to have your sensitive cap on when buying him a gift. Buying him a thoughtful gift is good sometimes but take some time once in a blue moon to make him something. You don’t have to be an arts and crafts person to create something, even if it doesn’t turn out perfect; it’s the thought that counts.

3. LITTLE BIT OF THE BUBBLY: After a long day or stressful day, surprise him by drawing him a nice bubble bath.  Set up candles and music just for him. Give him the perfect alone time to unwind and collect his thoughts.

2. GROOM AWAY:Take some time to be his eyes once in a while. Shave his face, pluck out unwanted hairs, fix his tie, and rub lotion on his hands.  Do the little things for him that he is used to or not used to doing for himself.

1. SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED: Forget about twitter, email, text and Facebook, and write him a letter. Surprise him by sending him a letter in the mail.  If not a love letter than maybe one just expressing why he’s a good friend, or recounting your favorite memory you had together, or memories you’d like to create. Finnish it off with a simple spray of your perfume, a blot of your kiss, sign, seal and deliver!

Top 10 Ways a Man Can Be Chivalrous

10. SENSITIVE EARS: Sometimes one of the biggest things you can do to show you care and your interest is by listening.  No matter how ridiculous, silly, small or large the story may be, all she wants is for you to listen, pay attention and actually care about what she has to say.

9. WHAT A GUY: It will always make a gal feel happy that you spend time with her and her girlfriends. To know her friends is to know elements of her. On the flip-side also take her out once in a blue moon to hang with you and the guys.  It doesn’t hurt that every time you’re mentioned her friends will think “what a guy.”

8.  GROOM AWAY: Even if you can’t help her put on her makeup, you can throw out the idea of painting her toes or fingers. Surprise her with a color and offer to give her a manicure or pedicure. Do the little things for her that she is used to or not used to doing for herself.

7.  TELL HER:Although you have many ways of showing you care, it’s important to vocalize it from time to time. Don’t presume she knows based on action alone, tell her how you feel. It takes a brave man to open himself up; leaving pride and the fear of vulnerability behind him; and it takes an even braver man to verbalize his sentiments to the object of his affection.

6. DETAILS, MORE THAN JUST A MAGAZINE: Sometimes things can seem to be put together with very little effort but may have taken a world of production and time for her to do. Be sure you appreciate and notice the little things that she does for you or even for herself. Notice when she changes her hair, how her new dress clings ever so elegantly to her figure, the unique quirks that make her special, or just her new cherry lipstick. It is your keen attentiveness to the details of how she takes care of herself and you that will make her feel appreciated.

5. PALM TO PALM:Sometimes it’s the smallest contact that touches us the most. People have underestimated the power of the slight and momentary touch of a hand. If you see her in heels trying to get up or down something, give her a hand. And even if she is not in heels, in matters of getting up or down something that causes her to use a railing, let your hand be her bar of support. It’s unexpected and sweet.

4. BON APPETIT: Go out of your way to make her favorite meal.  And if you always make dinner, than bake a special dessert.  Buy colorful frosting and design a cute personalized dessert for her. You don’t have to be Emril, she will taste the love in each bite.

3. YOU GOTTA SHOP AROUND:Generally speaking some men are not big fans of shopping with women.  It will make a difference to her just to have your attentive company and showing interest in something she is interested in.  Here’s the thing, whatever she buys you have to see her in, so why not take part in making her look her best.

2. LADIES FIRST: Of course she can open the door and pull out her own chair, but it is a very sweet and considerate gesture to do it for her. Sometimes it is the small things that make a gal feel warm. Be thoughtful and go the extra mile, open the door for her, offer to take her coat, give your coat when it’s chilly, pull her chair out, and pour her drink before you pour your own. These are the little things that make her heart go the extra mile.

1. SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED: Forget about twitter, email, text and Facebook, and write him a letter. Surprise her and mail a sweet letter.  If not a love letter than maybe one just expressing why she’s a good friend, or recounting your favorite memory you had together, or memories you’d like to create. Finnish it off with a simple spray of your cologne, sign, seal and deliver!

2 Responses to “Top X List : CHIVALRY”

  1. Estrella said

    Awesome top 10 list, can’t wait to see the top 10 guys one 🙂

  2. Noelle said

    Sign Sealed and delivered. By far my favorite. Way tooooo overlooked for how moving it can be

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