Happy Heart Day!

February 14, 2010

So it has arrived, a cacophony of clinging glasses, sighs and the sound of unusually quickly drumming hearts. The one day of the year where an excess of chocolate, roses, and Champaign is more than an expression of love, it’s practically a ceremonial procedure.  Today is Valentine’s Day; the time of year for some to show their love through grand gestures and for others to reciprocate through swooning and fuzzy feelings.

 That being said there are those that at times can feel left out, after all Valentine’s Day has paraded itself as an exclusive lovers club, well at least that what it can feel like at times.  Besides the many single people that may feel excluded, there’s also those who oppose the holiday due to the exorbitant 14$ billion price tag attached to the holiday.  According to a survey conducted in January by the National Retail Federation and BIGResearch this year’s amount spent on Valentines day will be a 13.5% decrease from 2008’s V-day amount  of 17$ billion.

I remember in elementary school we would either make or buy a box of cards for all our classmates. Even though I was little, I recall the excitement as I and some of my other classmates had as we opened our V-day Animaniacs, Looney Toones or X-Men cards hoping to have a secret admirer.  At times there was that youthful eagerness to read into the meanings of a heart candy that said “I Love you” or “kiss me.”

In middle and high school, kiss-a-grams were the “it” thing. The day before V-Day one would buy a dollar kiss-a-gram only for it to be delivered by class picked Cupids sporting cherry lipstick.  My freshman and sophomore year I remember hoping   that I would get a kiss-a-gram.  Only the disappointment of not getting one was much more frustrating than in elementary, where there was practically no frustration at all due to my ability to move on, and continue day -dreaming about  whatever movie character crush I had at the time.

Although I am quite the romantic, love dark vanilla cream chocolate, and red heart stickers, I do think that Valentine’s Day    has become a consumer driven holiday.  Mind you there is nothing wrong with celebrating it, I just think we need to go back to a time where buying something was not the first means of expressing our love.  The most important things that cannot be bought or found in any store is romance, romance, and more romance. With the economy being what it is this is the best time for creative gestures of love. 

I don’t think singles need to feel excluded either.  Although it has been championed as a couple’s holiday, the underlining meaning to Valentine’s Day is Love.  That means whether you are single this year or not, you need not feel left out this holiday.  It’s just a day dedicated to love of any kind. The love you have for your mother, father, neighbor, best-friend, or even dog.  I realize there has not been a fun undertone created for any other love besides lovers, but thats for you to make. 

You don’t have to be a love sap to enjoy the lighthearted silliness of a day excusing the most wonderful at times ridiculous displays of love.  I don’t think the day calls for expensive bouquets of roses, pounds of chocolate or diamond necklaces; but maybe we should think back to the simplicity of spending time, of lasting kisses, or pontificating love letters.

Whether the day is celebrated or not perhaps the symbolism of the day could be seen as a reminder to us on how we should be every day with those we love. Maybe see it as the New Years of Love, giving people second chances, new beginnings to how they want to go about love in their relationships with family, friends, strangers or lovers.

Sometimes the best way to say I love you is as simple as a gaze, hold and a kiss. 

If nothing else let the day remind you that a life without love of any kind, well, is not much of a life at all.

To all of you coupled, and singled out there, Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉

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