From Love To Chile

March 1, 2010


This morning as I rolled out of bed I felt not only worried for my friends but grateful for their safety.  After hearing about the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile, my first thoughts went to a couple  friends of mine, Lauren Williams and Aneya Fernando, who moved to Santiago a month ago.  Lauren, Aneya and I attended CSULB and worked at the school newspaper ‘The Daily 49er’ while pursuing a journalism degree.  Although I did not see much of Lauren outside the news room, I did get to see her and wish her well before she left for Chile.  Lauren is one of the best writers I know.  She has a genuine kindness to her that is felt through her smile.  She is one of the most honest people you can meet and has a streak of dedication that is to be sought and admired. They are both two incredibly beautiful and sincere people.

I have had a cold for the past couple days and this morning when I woke up, I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was to be able to wake up in the bed I was in, deal with my cold, and take a hot shower. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to be faced in a situation like this no matter what state or condition you are in. Young, old, feeble, strong, sick in health, there was no tell-tell sign or discriminating factors to this natural disaster; everyone has been effected.

 Lauren and Aneya have a blog, “Chillin’ In Chile,”  where they have been sharing not only their adventures to date but how the earthquake has effected them. For both of their accounts please check out their blog.   Before Lauren left for Chile she had been working for the L.A Times as an Editorial Assistant and is currently contributing to the L.A Times coverage of the earthquake. In their blog they talk about how the earthquake has effected their living situation, the visible destruction  and the overall shift of  energy they witness amongst the people.

According to the Associated Press the death toll in Chile has reached 708 people. The news is reporting that there have been 150 aftershocks measuring at 5.0 or below. This is the second largest earthquake to hit Chile. The first earthquake occurred May 22, 1960 at a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale with 1,655 fatalities. 

Reading Lauren and Aneya’s blog does give a little peace of mind knowing that they are ok, but still leaves a bit of worry and concern for these two really wonderful people.   I felt compelled to write about this because when I heard about the quake and in reading their blog, I wished I could be there with them to help. I can only imagine what they and others are feeling and it pulls at the strings of my heart to read and hear of the devastation.  It’s circumstances like these that should make us all feel very grateful for the situations that we are in and the situations that we are not in.  It should make us want to be more loving and good and expressive with those emotions to all those we care about. With everything that’s going on with them in Chile, they still remain ever so grateful, and that is something to be deeply admired.

Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.
 Omar Bradley

Lots of love to you Lauren and Aneya.

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