2011 Top Ten New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2011


 To bring New Ideas/ Feelings and Ignite Latent Passions


1.VOLUNTEER– I realize that sometimes one may think it is a hassle to go out of your way to volunteer but maybe you just have not found a group or a topic that you care about. Check out this website and browse through the list of organizations and find one that sparks your interest.  Make a goal of at least once a month you spend a full day going out of your way for someone who needs help. It is in giving to others that we not only make the world better, but we open ourselves up to attracting happier things into our lives.


2.READ SELF-HELP BOOK– Reading a self- help book doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It is the same equivalent to working out , and it enables you to fine- tune your emotions and mind so that you are on a constant progression of self-betterment.   It doesn’t matter what religion or belief system you are be open- minded and suspend judgment so that you can enable yourself to grow. Questioning things is the only way you will derive answers that will expand your current scope of knowledge and bring you closer to the truth about you and your place in the Universe.


3.PICK ONE BIG BAD HABIT AND CHANGE IT– Design a game plan on how you are not going to do it anymore.  Don’t just say you won’t do it or you will “try” but write something down and design it in such a way that you are held accountable. Write down everything about that habit and how it affects your life and come up with ideas to counter-attack it.  Pick a habit that you know brings more negativity to your life than good. It can range from being apathetic, condescending, inconsistent, always late, negative, intolerant, lazy, over reacting, complaining too much, manner-less, inconsiderate, not eating right,  not taking care of your body, making fun of others, not believing In yourself, being hard on yourself, not working hard, etc.


 4.CREATE VISUAL BOARD/VIDEO- Everything you want to happen in the immediate or far future, put it somewhere in plain sight.  Get images or words that aid in the projection of a vision of what you want to attract in your life. Only put positive images and words up that reinforce, remind or create feelings of goodness, happiness, fulfillment, kindness, balance, and love.


5.ENROLL IN A CLUB OR CLASS– Start or continue your education. If there’s a subject you wish you knew more of, if you want to change your career, if you want to finnish college but don’t have time to take a full- load, take the first step, save up and enroll in one class at any school in your area.


6.START a PROJECT- Begin a side project in a subject that you really are good at or like and create a time line of completion and find at least five places you will submit your project into or share it with.

7.TEACH ENGLISH ABROAD– One of the best ways to expand your mind and heart is by traveling.


8.JOIN A WORKOUT CLUB or SPORTS TEAM– Whether you just want to get in shape or meet people with like interest while being active, you should joint a sports club or team. It’s a great way to not only get in shape, but meet people, and be physically engaged in activity and or competition.

9.FACE YOUR FEAR– We all have fears, some big some small. Pick one, and face it. For instance I am terrified of needles. This is one of the biggest things I have not progressed since a child. I have the same reaction a little kid does to needles. So this year I have decided I don’t want my doctor visits to be as odd as they have been, well that and I don’t think it’s normal or healthy to be THAT afraid of anything. I think we find with fears it is more in our imagination than the reality of the situation or thing that we actually fear. So I’m picking needles what’s your fear?


10. Smile/Laugh more-  Children laugh on average 300 times a day compared to adults only laughing 15 times a day. I’m not saying become like the Joker and scrape a permanent smile into your face. But maybe not take life so serious all the time, don’t furrow your brow as much, and try to smile and be thankful for the little things. Find the humor in the ridiculous and re-discover some of your childlike playfulness.

HAPPY 2011!

 I lurve the New Years because it’s a great pretext to “start over” and you have the momentum of everyone else doing it with you.  Here’s to all of us working hard, dreaming big and believing that with great faith, love , a kind heart and persistence anything and everything is possible.

Here’s to us!

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