A Union of Thoughts

January 19, 2011


The bride wore an ivory vintage gown with a long, rounded diamond encrusted neckline that hung gently upon her soft shoulders. Diaphanous netted elbow length sleeves etched with patterned stars, floated over the air as she made her way down the aisle. Simple, yet elegant, the dress clung and relaxed in all the right places. She paced her way, hand in hand with her father, between the wooden church aisles to the tune of Frederick Loewes’ ‘Gigi’, from the 1959 Academy Award Best film.  The groom
donned a gray suite, handsome and poised; his eyes held a loving gaze, the kind that every child since the age of sand boxes and nursery rhymes dreams about.


A vintage wedding in modern times; the church was filled with sincere hearts, open minds and purposeful breath. Witnessed on a rainy Saturday morning in a small church in Wimbledon, London, a rare moment of severe conscious breath took form in the exchange of vows. After having attended a beautiful wedding on the 8th of January, it got me thinking; marriage, of any kind, is not dead, it is our optimism and sentiment with action behind our words that has gone to the grave.

When I was in high-school I used to film weddings and receptions, two- a -weekend. After doing so for an entire summer, there were only two weddings that I attended in which both the bride and groom seemed to have
consciously and happily chosen their situation. All the other weddings had a strange energy; one of routine, of repetition, the essence of cliché was in the air. At nearly every wedding I attended, observation showed the brides and grooms furrow-browed, flustered and scattered prior to the ceremony and frozen-faced during. They repeated to one another their vows in the same way
one repeats the Pledge of Allegiance in grade school.

If we are not conscious of the dissidence or connection between
our words or sentiment and our ability to live up to what we’ve breathed life
into, then are we not in fact dooming marriage from the moment we first shake
hands with ‘the one’? Whilst in relationships, there are those who sheepishly
sport confident wolves’ clothing and allow their consciousness to escape them.
In doing so, without thought, they let their breath take over which results in
the inevitable disconnect between their actions
and their words.

Words, these vessels, bubbles at best, carrying sounds that are
meant to vibrate deep internal sentiment. For too many, feelings are carelessly
placed in hidden caves while our throats, like damaged faucets, leak accidental
empty words. Our breaths should be a place where gatherings of profoundly
filled cosmic letters reside, existing and motivated solely by virtuous intent.
We have witnessed throughout history the power of behemoth imaginations,
infused with optimism and conscious words instill peace, justice and love in
our world. Being that it has and can be done on a massive world scale level,
then it’s even more possible to achieve such greatness within the immediacy of
our own relationships.


Although it is difficult to be conscious of all our words at all times, it is something to work towards. We all have moments where we utter things and we are either not attentive to or sometimes we do not respect the weight of the words that travel from our hearts and inevitably
fill the silence. We merely let words slip, escape and tumble between our lips. As time goes by, something jolts us wide awake and for the first time in years, many will consciously attest to not choosing their path. I assure you in fact, that every path we are on and every situation we are in, we have imagined with our thoughts and drawn out with our lips. Some of us have more challenges than
others, yet one of the miracles of life is choice; the ability to choose where
to go from wherever we are and with whom we take with us.

It should be a goal every day, to inject consciousness into our breath, so that our words do not fly upon their own accord, planting oblivious seeds that sprout as unwanted weeds. An ‘I love you’ backed by optimism, purity, action and gut-induced sentimentality is as refulgent as a
star, as powerful as the gravity that pulls the tides and aside from death, probably the only thing that can make your heart stand still, if only for a beat.

So I say, as with our glasses, let us then raise our sentiment and
action to meet our voices, happily accepting responsibility and boldly daring
to say consciously filled “I do’s”. These are the building blocks of,
although a cliché saying, the most sought after experience of “and they lived
happily ever after.”


2 Responses to “A Union of Thoughts”

  1. Patrick A. Howell said

    Simply beautiful. Breath of fresh air in days cluttered with electronic traffic.

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