Your Lips to My Heart

January 2, 2012


Antonio Canovas

Discover the sound of my lips upon your open heart

And let it be though these portals of heaven that my sentiments be made

Wrinkled in pleasure and smoothened by the dawdling steady touch of your hand

Beyond navel to nose your lips are fluent in me

And I in you

Like two twines in prayer my heart is crossed and pointed upwards against your
beating chest

The rhythm of your eyes engrave tunes

Useful and poetic

I am lulled to sleep by the gentility and hope of a million tomorrows that feel like today

Cocooned in silk we face life and death and we are one

In the same and lost and found, here then gone

A wave scrapes shore, a rose takes its bow, and the stars blanket the sun, as you have blanketed my heart

You’ve surrender, happily, as I’ve surrendered

And as it was in the beginning, I pray, let it be in the end

Your lips embroidered to my Zen fully polished skin.

By: Magnolia

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