Letting Go

April 13, 2012

I’m watching ‘V for Vendetta’ before I go to bed. I have a meet tomorrow and the one sentiment that the film deals with that I find myself tackling with is the ability to muster the strength to completely let go. It sounds like a oxymoron as there is no strength that is required in letting go, one simply decides then lets go; however it is so much easier said then done.  Although I must say, when it comes to writing and art, I feel like letting go comes a bit more effortlessly, especially late at night. All my best writing is done in the evening or late at night. Speaking of writing, I’m on my final draft for my Indie Film ….finally! I have a meeting with my script consultant mid-June, so have to get it wrapped up. I have to figure out how to  inspire creative thought during the day as I am unable o stay up late due to Track. Anyways, I’m  really excited about it and have had very good feedback thus far so cheers to that.

So, getting back to that whole “letting go” thing, I like this scene because I feel it encompasses the idea of eradicating fear and being acutely attentive and in the moment. The dulcet mind lulling freedom that comes in completely letting go is something that I, in this journey of life, am fervently seeking.

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