Trumpets & Tulips

June 10, 2012

Sweet dew gliding through open window panes

Exhaling upon an unfastened chest.

Fresh linen sheets coiled after an evening rain

This is unraveling at its best.


Warm tulips and raindrop kisses,

Adorn the skin in the romance of midnight wishes.

Between entwined figures enraptured in amorous contentment,

Are timid first touches & eager anointment.


Below the arc of lucidity and within the crux of ones heart,

Reside vehement shape shifting figures engulfed in tranquil, moving art.

And outside, the sound of  screaming trumpets in the shape of a burning torch

Warm clenched beings, waiting for redolent caffeine to pinch them from their perch.


Inestimable connective tissue breeding forth rapturous delight.

The days of rush & roulette gone and solely breath in consciousness imbues the air,

For which bewitching becomes the thread stitching the day to night;

Forging a trail & abode for serene simplicity to appear in sight.

By: Magnolia

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