This I Know

October 28, 2012

By: Magnolia

I don’t want to be drunk, I want to feel everything

I want to be bold and peel back my fears

I want to be skinned and face my flesh

I want to walk around with my insides out

I want to sink in the pain of being rejected so that I may learn to swim

I want to fall and feel the bruises upon my knee so that I may be cautious of where I step

I want to bite my tongue and swallow the taste of salt and metal so that I choose my words with delicacy

I want to be without so I know what it is to be with everything

I want to be emptied out so that you can fill me up

I want my thoughts to run away from me so that I may hear silence

I want to not pick so that I may let you choose

I want to be happy for this loss so that I may be at peace with your gain

I want to swallow sand so that water tastes like wine

I want my eyes sewn shut so I learn to see with my heart

I want to be born in darkness so that I may see the light

I want to be pricked with a needle so I can feel the softness of a rose pedal

I want to exist for the sun against my lids and the water between my toes

And most of all, I want to not want at all so that I may simply be

And in this way I will see the divine universe with stillness and love unfold inside of me

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