Wherever You May Be

October 29, 2012


With no hesitation, I love you;

And without ever having seen your face or touched your lips, it is you I need.

A vision from childhood flowing through my veins implanted in the seed of me;

Although absent from my grasp, I will wait for you.

A stranger in passing yet a lover at heart,

From inception I’ve known you, as I know myself, a collaborative work of art.

And be not fearful my darling, for We exist,

Although the world may not try to convince us of this.

For in the sands of time, the Gods have written our story;

Two lovers bound beyond flesh, mounted and drawn into the constellations, awaiting first kisses glory.

And with sweet longing and sometimes sad emotion, I think of you.

Believing that no beautiful thing stands alone, is true;

So until we meet, wherever you may be,

I shall dwell within you, and you, within me.

As I close my eyes and remain faithful to the visions I see,

No matter the bustle, no matter the noise,

Beyond my body, I wait for you with distinct poise.

So here it is, a letter to you my dearest love,

I send this out to the heavens above;

With a kiss I do sign, eyes shut, with your hand in mine;

Together as one, until the stars align.

Gazing at the same star, We shall be but one traveler,

 Merely waiting upon time, to make us one lover.








 Name: Bubble Nebula
Constellation name: Cassiopeia
Constellation common name: The Queen
Description: NGC 7635, also known as the Bubble Nebula, is an emission nebula in Cassiopeia, located 12,000 light years from the Sun. This is a large and extremely faint nebulae, a serious challenge for visual observers. It requires an extremely dark sky, averted vision, and a narrow-band nebula filter.

By: Magnolia

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