Unrequited Exclamation

November 27, 2012

By: Magnolia

Oh virtuous eyes swamped in raw emotion,

how you have unraveled me.

From the moment your skin settled upon mine eyes,

I was undone.

The beginning of you left the end of me at a loss for motion.

And as I stood, and watched, there they were,

Attempting to rise from worn lips, these words.

Held between your lids was the melody of an un-played song;

Puncturing the very depth of me.

And in my mind,

bottled thoughts travel through my fingers and my

Tender wounds are wrapped in the grace of your soft skin.

For when you speak, you strum more than the basic cords of life,

You coil my heart and my impetuous hand hath no other place to exist, but within the arcs of your face and neck.

And as your mouth goes weak, my lips seal the freedom of your breath

And thy soft and bountiful words tumble off thy tongue and into mine speech.

How they slide in perfectly round shaped pear tones,

Whilst expanding my lungs and unhinging my bones.

Oh you unrequited exclamation

You are the breath beneath my words.

And the expansion of a folded heart.

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