Coat I Call Home

November 30, 2012


By: Magnolia

I belong inside the fold of your coat;

Familiar, it’s scented in mahogany, from the rack it’s been hugging all day.

But now it is I who hangs, clings, so sincere and devote.

From the second the sun yawns, I am a captive of the city,

Slipping down stairs, squeezing through doors, hoping for the clock to take pity.

Moving, shaking, hustling, yellow horns & green lights,

But hidden inside the crinkle where your ink is fast asleep, is where I find my might.

Nestled in like a babe in womb, I recoil and hook my ear against your doting chest;

And I am bolstered by the mellow thump of a familiar drum and the rolling waves released then compressed.

Buried I am, in reckless abandonment, sheltered and drawn in by the whispers of a meditative om.

Like the morning brew of a cracked coffee bean and the front door left ajar, at last, I am welcomed home.


4 Responses to “Coat I Call Home”

  1. bOJAN said

    …bare footed…
    …in the dust of the Earth, naked…
    …joy is jumping…
    …this melody is in me…
    …and the child is again free…

    This song you posted has magic powers I guess 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  2. I came here searching for something else, but this inspired me regardless. Enlightening stuff!

  3. Magnolia said

    Hi Bojan! glad it inspired you. I listened to it again while reading what you wrote, and I could feel it inside the music. Lovely writing. Thank you.

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