Genius At Work

December 5, 2012


There’s not one person or thing in nature on this planet earth, that is a mistake. We are the bunnies pulled out of hats, we are unfolded聽magic, unlimited,聽cosmic beings, capable of creating what we are made聽of; beauty, love, and magic. Watch this cool video, I know it’s sorta’ long, but I thought it was pretty wowi.

It’s weird, our first initial shape looks like a bean, a very POWERFUL bean!

聽Top 10 Reminders to Get You Through The Day, Week, Month, pick your poison 馃槈




Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can - Arthur Ashe


Believe in yourself and all that you are_ Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacles_ ~ Christian D Larson














Whatever is going on in your life, whatever 聽you’re doing, dreaming, passionately working towards, reach down, up, sideways, anywhere anddont-quit-goals

and the odds are, your next fish, is a BIG one!聽the_fisherman_by_xetobyte-d5j6ej6

Lets Go To Church, Ya Dig!

November 28, 2012

Church is not just聽a building, its wherever you can find the fuel to INSPIRE yourself TO CREATE, TO (insert E.T Phone Home Voice)聽BEeee GOOD, and to聽lovingly move with the Rhythm of Life.

Great, now that, that’s settled let’s try Sammy Davis Jr’s church today and see what it doess..

10 Commandments to Putting your Best Self Forward

All wrapped up in聽an聽itsi聽bitsi word

Thou must be & have……


courage; spunk; guts


desiring to help others; charitable


refinement; class


tenaciously resolute; persevering


high respect, as for worth, merit, noble, dignity,聽illustrious, or distinguished


the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists


the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity


agreement in action, opinion, feeling, etc; accord; order or congruity of parts to their whole or to one another


to delight to a high degree:to impart a magic quality or effect to;pleasant; delightful,charming; captivating

10. FAITH:

strong or unshakeable patient聽belief in something, esp. without proof or evidence; code of聽ethics, standards of merit, honesty or sincerity,loyalty

And… The Beat Goes ON….

聽To bring New Ideas/ Feelings and Ignite Latent Passions

1.VOLUNTEER– I realize that sometimes one may think it is a hassle to go out of your way to volunteer but maybe you just have not found a group or a topic that you care about. Check out this website and browse through the list of organizations and find one that sparks your interest.聽 Make a goal of at least once a month you spend a full day going out of your way for someone who needs help. It is in giving to others that we not only make the world better, but we open ourselves up to attracting happier things into our lives.

2.READ SELF-HELP BOOK– Reading a self-聽help book doesn鈥檛 mean there is something wrong with you. It is the same equivalent聽to working out , and it enables you to fine-聽tune your emotions and mind so that you are on a constant progression of self-betterment.聽聽 It doesn鈥檛 matter what religion or belief system you are be open- minded and suspend judgment so that you can enable yourself to grow. Questioning things is the only way you will derive answers that will expand your current scope of knowledge and bring you closer to the truth about you and your place in the Universe.

3.PICK ONE BIG BAD HABIT AND CHANGE IT– Design a game plan on how you are not going to do it anymore.聽 Don鈥檛 just say you won鈥檛 do it or you will 鈥渢ry鈥 but write something down and design it in such a way that you are held accountable. Write down everything about that habit and how it affects your life and come up with ideas to counter-attack it.聽 Pick a habit that you know brings more negativity to your life than good. It can range from being apathetic, condescending, inconsistent, always late, negative, intolerant, lazy, over reacting, complaining too much, manner-less, inconsiderate, not eating right,聽 not taking care of your body, making fun of others, not believing In yourself, being hard on yourself, not working hard, etc.

聽4.CREATE VISUAL BOARD/VIDEO-聽Everything you want to happen in the immediate or far future, put it somewhere in plain sight.聽 Get images or words that aid in the projection of聽a vision of what you want to attract in your life. Only put positive images and words up that reinforce, remind or create feelings of goodness, happiness, fulfillment, kindness, balance, and love.

5.ENROLL IN A CLUB OR CLASS– Start or continue your education. If there鈥檚 a subject you wish you knew more of, if you want to change your career, if you want to finnish college but don鈥檛 have time to take a full- load, take the first step, save up and enroll in one class at any school in your area.

6.START a PROJECT-聽Begin a side project in a subject that you really are good at or like and create a time line of completion and find at least five places you will submit your project into or share it with.

7.TEACH ENGLISH ABROAD– One of the best ways to expand your mind and heart is by traveling.

8.JOIN A WORKOUT CLUB or SPORTS TEAM– Whether you just want to get in shape or meet people with like interest while being active, you should joint a sports club or team. It鈥檚 a great way to not only get in shape, but meet people, and be physically engaged in activity and or competition.

9.FACE YOUR FEAR– We all have fears, some big some small. Pick one, and face it. For instance I am terrified聽of needles. This is one of the biggest things I have not progressed since a child. I have the same reaction a little kid does to needles. So this year I have decided I don鈥檛 want my doctor visits to be聽as odd as they have been, well that and I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 normal or healthy to be聽THAT afraid of anything. I think we find with fears it is more in our imagination than the reality of the situation or thing that we actually fear. So I鈥檓 picking needles what鈥檚 your fear?

10.聽Smile/Laugh more-Children laugh on average 300 times a day compared to adults only laughing 15 times a day. I鈥檓 not saying become like the Joker and scrape a permanent smile into your face. But maybe not take life so serious all the time, don鈥檛 furrow your brow as much, and try to smile and be thankful for the little things. Find the humor in the ridiculous and re-discover some of your childlike playfulness.

HAPPY 2011!

聽I lurve the New Years because it’s a great聽pretext to “start over” and you have the momentum of everyone else doing it with you. 聽Here鈥檚 to all of us working hard, dreaming big and believing that with great faith, love , a kind heart and persistence anything and everything is possible.

Here’s to us!

It takes wisdom to recognize when you are in an unhealthy relationship and takes great courage to actually throw in the towel. Failure is being in a loveless relationship that cripples the very essence of your being. Success is knowing what is healthy for you and what you deserve and going after it. Life is too short to just 鈥渃oast鈥 through a relationship. Stop being a passenger and grab hold of the wheel. It鈥檚 never too late to start over again and to get what you deserve; love and happiness.

10. Tit for tat: When your relationship (conscious or unconsciously) becomes 鈥淚 do this for you, you do this for me,鈥 your relationship is running on an empty tank. A healthy relationship does not spawn from a checklist mentality but from the natural desire to just want to take care of and do things for each other.

9. 聽Dead end: If you are in a relationship where your partner sees no need for personal growth in order to decrease weaknesses, than you鈥檙e dealing with a blockade. Some people will live in a gray area to justify or cloud their destructive or negative ways.聽 A brave person will confront not run away from the good and bad in themselves. Consistent individual progress is very crucial to a healthy relationship w/o it; it鈥檚 only a matter of time before you hit a dead end.

8. 聽No effort no interest: The person you love should be willing and wanting to get to know the people you love and the things you love. It鈥檚 not normal if the only effort and interest they show in your life is only when it is about you and them or only you. If your partner is not interested in the things that make you who聽you are, then it鈥檚 only a matter of time before they do not care about you.

7. 聽Alter who you are: You should not be fighting or trying really hard for someone to accept and love you.聽 Single and joint growth is a very important part of the relationship.聽 It is not normal when your partner is bent on completely changing who you are and does not accept your positive quirks, your personality and the things that make you unique. If they don鈥檛 accept you now, they never will.

6.聽 All talk no action: Love is a verb. When you love someone you don鈥檛 just say it you manifest the word. It is in the way you look at them, the way you listen to them, the way you touch them, the way you show and treat them. Saying 鈥淚 love you鈥 means nothing without action.

5. 聽I come bearing gifts: If your way or your partners鈥 way of expressing 鈥淚 Love you鈥 or 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry鈥 ALWAYS or MOSTLY comes in the form of a gift instead of actually talking things out, you are not solving your issues. Hoarding your issues and not showing or telling someone how you truly feel will only create a false sense of security.

4. 聽Comfortably uncomfortable: Staying in an unhealthy relationship because you are 鈥渃omfortable鈥 or 鈥渦sed to it鈥 is probably the worst reason to stay. Foremost reasons like your 鈥渁fraid to be alone鈥 or you鈥檝e shared 鈥渢ime鈥 or 鈥渇riends鈥 or 鈥渁ssets,鈥 should be the number one, not last reason why you should not be together. 聽If you鈥檙e main reason for being with someone is not rooted in respect, happiness and deep love for each other than you need to re-evaluate your definition of comfortable.

3. I鈥檓 smiling but I鈥檓 really hurt: Always being passive aggressive with your partner is a self-defense mechanism that does not enable your partner to truly know who you are and how you feel. If you鈥檙e in a relationship that is not open to expressing honest feelings and are constantly having passive aggressive or sarcastic exchanges than you are destroying your foundation of trust, respect and will eventually drift apart from knowing each other.

2. 聽Downer trumps upper: It鈥檚 not normal to have more downers and unhappy moments in a relationship than happy ones. When every new event presented by life turns into a new reason why someone 鈥渃an鈥檛鈥 be with you, than they are only finding an excuse to get out of the relationship.聽 Of course it鈥檚 important to work things out but being in a constant long-term state of 鈥渢rying,鈥 will not suffice. Sometimes failure is staying in something that makes you more stressed than happy.

1. Conflict driven: If your relationship is riddled with fights, big or small, and you cannot be civil and loving in your discourse and find a healthy and normal way to talk about things, than you might be in trouble. When everything i.e. jobs, friends, gifts, family, etc., turns in to an argument, then you are in a conflict driven relationship. Love should not be a stressful and painful ordeal. 聽 If you are hurting all the time or a lot of the time, then it鈥檚 about time for you to get out.


September 12, 2009


Having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.

聽聽聽聽Fearless, dauntless, valiant; courtly; faithful, true, devoted.

Top 10 Ways a Woman Can Be Chivalrous

10. KEEP THE CHANGE:Men are expected聽to pay all the time dating or not. If you really like the guy, surprise him and foot the bill. Guys like to be treated once in a while too.

9. SUPPLY HIM WITH SWEET OXYGEN: Get him a Rose plant. Men are not used to getting flowers. Get him a rose plant that he can keep in his room, supplying oxygen to his heart. And it doesn鈥檛 hurt that every time he waters it he will think of you.

8. OBSERVE & REACT: Women are used to and expect men to notice and acknowledge the details of their beauty. Make sure he does not go unnoticed either. Notice the way the light hits his eye, the uniquely placed moles on his face, and the distinctive arch of his brow. Be sensitive and attentive to his unspoken feelings. Observe his beauty and make it known to him.

7. DARLING DANKE SCHOEN:聽Sometimes many of the things that are expected from our men go un-thanked. We expect roses, doors held open, chairs pulled out, him paying for dinner, telling us how beautiful we look, picking us up..etc..etc. We must not let our manners slip from underneath us. Make sure you notice the unspoken ways he expresses his care for you. Sometimes all that鈥檚 needed to make him feel appreciated is a genuine heartfelt Thank You.

6. SHARING IS CARING: Although he loves us to death, he sometimes needs his space. Space means nothing more than space. Be understanding and comforting towards his need or want to spend time with his friends.

5. VUALLA, BEHOLD A DATE: Take the initiative in organizing and arranging date night to his liking. Surprise him with a morning, noon, or evening of romance that will keep him beaming through the date.

4. SENSITIVE GIFT CAP: Make sure to have your sensitive cap on when buying him a gift. Buying him a thoughtful gift is good sometimes but take some time once in a blue moon to make him something. You don鈥檛 have to be an arts and crafts person to create something, even if it doesn鈥檛 turn out perfect; it鈥檚 the thought that counts.

3. LITTLE BIT OF THE BUBBLY: After a long day or stressful day, surprise him by drawing him a nice bubble bath.聽 Set up candles and music just for him. Give him the perfect alone time to unwind and collect his thoughts.

2. GROOM AWAY:Take some time to be聽his eyes once in a while. Shave his face, pluck out unwanted hairs, fix his tie, and rub lotion on his hands.聽 Do the little things for him that he is used to or not used to doing for himself.

1. SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED: Forget about twitter, email, text and Facebook, and write him a letter. Surprise him by sending him a letter in the mail.聽 If not a love letter than maybe one just expressing why he鈥檚 a good friend, or recounting your favorite memory you had together, or memories you鈥檇 like to create. Finnish it off with a simple spray of your perfume, a blot of your kiss, sign, seal and deliver!

Top 10 Ways a聽Man Can Be Chivalrous

10. SENSITIVE EARS: Sometimes one of the biggest things you can do to show you care and your interest is by listening.聽 No matter how ridiculous, silly, small or large the story may be, all she wants is for you to listen, pay attention and actually care about what she has to say.

9. WHAT A GUY: It will always make a gal feel happy that you spend time with her and her girlfriends. To know her friends is to know elements of her. On the flip-side also take her out once in a blue moon to hang with you and the guys.聽 It doesn鈥檛 hurt that every time you鈥檙e mentioned her friends will think 鈥渨hat a guy.鈥

8.聽 GROOM AWAY: Even if you can鈥檛 help her put on her makeup, you can throw out the idea of painting her toes or fingers. Surprise her with a color and offer to give her a manicure or pedicure. Do the little things for her that she is used to or not used to doing for herself.

7.聽 TELL HER:Although you have many ways of showing you care, it鈥檚 important to vocalize it from time to time. Don鈥檛 presume she knows based on action alone, tell her how you feel. It takes a brave man to open himself up; leaving pride and the fear of vulnerability behind him; and it takes an even braver man to verbalize his sentiments to the object of his affection.

6. DETAILS, MORE THAN JUST A MAGAZINE: Sometimes things can seem to be put together with very little effort but may have taken a world of production and time for her to do. Be sure you appreciate and notice the little things that she does for you or even for herself. Notice when she changes her hair, how her new dress clings ever so elegantly to her figure, the unique quirks that make her special, or just her new cherry lipstick. It is your keen attentiveness to the details of how she takes care of herself and you that will make her feel appreciated.

5. PALM TO PALM:Sometimes it鈥檚 the smallest contact that touches us the most. People have underestimated the power of the slight and momentary touch of a hand. If you see her in heels trying to get up or down something, give her a hand. And even if she is not in heels, in matters of getting up or down something that causes her to use a railing, let your hand be her bar of support. It’s unexpected and sweet.

4. BON APPETIT: Go out of your way to make her favorite meal. 聽And if you always make dinner, than bake a special dessert.聽 Buy colorful frosting and design a cute personalized dessert for her. You don鈥檛 have to be聽Emril, she will taste the love in each bite.

3. YOU GOTTA SHOP AROUND:Generally speaking some men are not big fans of shopping with women.聽 It will make a difference聽to her just to have your attentive company and showing interest in something she is interested in.聽 Here鈥檚 the thing, whatever she buys you have to see her in, so why not take part in making her look her best.

2. LADIES FIRST: Of course she can open the door and pull out her own chair, but it is a very sweet and considerate gesture to do it for her. Sometimes it is the small things that make a gal feel warm. Be thoughtful and go the extra mile, open the door for her, offer to take her coat, give your coat when it鈥檚 chilly, pull her chair out, and pour her drink before you pour your own. These are the little things that make her heart go the extra mile.

1. SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED: Forget about twitter, email, text and Facebook, and write him a letter. Surprise her and mail a sweet letter.聽 If not a love letter than maybe one just expressing why she鈥檚 a good friend, or recounting your favorite memory you had together, or memories you鈥檇 like to create. Finnish it off with a simple spray of your cologne, sign, seal and deliver!