Your Figure

December 19, 2012

  Your Figure


Corkscrewed into immeasurable positions starting with the contours of your figure, dexterously clasped, in perfect place.

While deliciously sewed into the geometric spaces of your arched neck, and shadows of your moving face,

Are raised textures moved by the gusting waves of gravity and kissed by the elegance of nature.

Made from the pillars of crashed star dust and the ash of volcanic lust, filled inside the tear ducts of a satisfied maker.

Twisted legs, bended backs, pointed toes and compressed skin forever devoted to the crusade of movement.

Plagued by radiated grief rising from loose pores and fashionable frowns stitched in blood, debonair yet truant

Lame lids suspended above a perked nose and colorful fingers nodding in agreement over a twisted spine;

Squeezed between the elastic, bovine forces of a regal figure, gleeful in design.

Rounded O’s and parallel lines washed upon a shore of puffed powdered sand, emotive blushing lips and bleeding chocolate tissue.

Endless potential, harmonically infused by the bumping beats of a pumping heart, blunt and unscrewed.

Pirouetting into being and bolstered into bent contradictions of love-shaped lips wired into rippled, crying eyes.

Conjoined figures seeping of visceral avidity and shaped in the silhouettes of crooked letters forever melting & mutable, like wax molded thighs;

Your haunting figure, smirks outside the lines and bleeds of palpable pleasantries, gaudy and wise.