I don’t really formally celebrate thanksgiving due to historical inaccuracies. Well, there’s that and the whole Black Friday thing;  A time dedicated to the gluttony of consumerism and the emptying of what the true holiday spirit should really be about. But I will say, if the date has become about a bunch of people spending their time to be with the ones they love & commit their thoughts to being thankful, than, that in itself, is something to celebrate. You always get more of what you want and need in life when you are in a constant mode of appreciation, not just one day but every day. So whether you have a lot, a little, or have someone or are alone, find something, anything to be thankful for. Consistency of thought as it regards to recognizing what I have is what I aim for.  So here’s a list of 24 things  I’m thankful for, in no particular order.

1. Mis Padres y mi Familia

2. Mis Amigos



3.  YOU- To everyone who comes to my blog, reads and clicks. I really appreciate it.

4. For every day I wake to see the sun come up, I know I have purpose and that my work here is not done. And yes I do this Shirly song and dance EVERY MORNING hahah

5. Hot Coffee or Cocoa & writing I am about to move the world through words.

6. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying so hard towards the balanced manifesting of my dreams that I am grateful for the moments when I know that I’ve done enough.

7. Jellyfish. Why? I don’t know, just because they’re beautiful and they artistically inspire me and they are strange creatures. For instance, Jellyfish have been around since before the dinosaurs existed, the biggest jellyfish ever found had a diameter of 8 feet and its tentacles were as long as half the length of a football field, and the growth of a jelly fish NEVER stops, and they are 95% water, and some types, up to 98%.

8. The woods

Even the snowy kind

9. When I meet someone that I feel comfortable enough to reveal all of myself ..and I don’t regret it later 🙂

10. When I feel I’ve tried everything, there’s no greater feeling than infinite possibilities re-shaping itself in a way that I can see and embrace. A shift towards an enlightened perspective that helps me move forward, I am always grateful for.

11. The color red- Since I was a kid it’s never failed to make me happy! Fall, lips, paint, dresses, you name it, if I was born in the form of color it would most definitely be red.

12. Signs that lift and encourage me, especially when I need it the most.

13.  Being in the middle of a busy day and finding the time to lie down, look up and day dream.

14. Neo-Classical Interior Design

15. Handwritten letters & Typewriters

16.  When something I’ve been working for comes my way or when something really lovely happens and I get butterflies in my tummy. Or sometimes it can be just those little wonderful moments where hope presents itself in the form of a film, art, admirable recognition from people you respect or even from a stranger. Or sometimes all it takes is a simple song from jazz crooners like Sam Cooke, Shirley Bassey, Ottis Redding, Louie Armstrong, Julie London, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald or Harry Connick Jr. (who I want to sing at my wedding) that make me feel all excited and hopeful about life.

16. Indian Sari’s

17. Rebellious dogs haha

18. The stillness of the night right before I nod off.

19. Lace & Detailed Embroidery

 Amazingggg BerqclE!

20. The Audrey Tautou CoCo Channel Commercial and the Levi Commercials because they inspire me in every way.

21. Oversized sweaters, long or short skirts w/ pockets, long socks, hats and headbands!


22.Birds nests

23. Imagination & Dreams

24. FIlm Film Film! From as long as I can remember I always knew that film was a huge vehicle in which my energy is meant to travel. I’m to do great things in film.


  A New Year is coming, I think a little pre-retching is called for. I’m gonna’ sit while I stand on me box if you don’t mind…

I spent a train ride today trying to hold back tears over how grateful I feel for who I am and where I am  now, and for the courage, ability & most importantly the support to, simply put, pursue whatever, which just so happens to be my destiny. But above all, I’m grateful because I know what’s in store for me. I can FEEL it and it’s goosebump and tear inducing, as it is greater than me.

I mainly wrote this to alleviate some pressure and also because I have some friends & family, who like me, are working to manifest this feeling this gift, with honor, dedication, integrity, goodness and solid, honest hard work. Together we have to work every day in believing and acting solely upon the rhythm of a feeling, ignoring our minds fragmented limited perception of “reality,”and “boldy go where no man has gone before.” (Yes I stole a line from Jean Luc Picard..yes from STAR TREK…so vhatt!) It’s going to be a New Year, so lets get inspired, shall we!

So here’s my internal contemplation expounded & painted in letters:

(Inner voice..Ehe eh ehem!)

 Man, you better do EVERYTHING YOU CAN and then some to become what you are meant to BECOME, and once you do, let good be not good enough, be GREAT! And then OOOZZE your GREATNESS on to every walk of life you come across and even those you may never meet. And never mind the naysayers including yourself sometimes; they/you are only afraid of greatness. If you want to hear something moving, change the channel and dance to the beat of your own soul. There is no tomorrow, there’s right now and that’s all that exist, RIGHT NOW, DO it Now, FEEL it now, THINK it now,  and most importantly BELIEVE  it now. Do EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO BELIEVE IN YOU RIGHT NOW. Do not wish for it or hope for it, you don’t have to, IT ALREADY EXISTS INSIDE OF YOU.  It is kinetically bustling in you, above you, around you; the world breathes in and out in anticipation for you to soar. This kind of power was not meant to be contained but UNFOLDED, EXPLODED, SCREAMED and TRANSMITTED via SELFLESS INFECTIOUS pathways that leave the world a little or a lot better than it was before you came. Mediocrity is not comfortable; mediocrity is the break that leads to the death of an infinitely expanding soul. Do the best you can and when you feel you can’t, take a breather, a kindergarden drink milk and eat cookies just because breather, and then start again and do the best you can.

 I ask to not be taken from this feeling filled place, no matter how painful it may seem at times in my misinterpretation of events, but for the courage to transfix the world with my brilliant, noble, gracious and honorable gifts.

When in doubt DECLARE to yourself & to the world:

 It’s done, even bigger & better than I imagined, It’s done. As I believe it, as I picture it, in all its beauty and graceful perfection and splendor, it’s done!   I am grateful for the undulating waves that I brave every day, as I become one wave closer to the palpable manifestation of my prodigiousness.

…..and then just take a breath, smile & relax in the grate/gracefulness of KNOWING.


NOw Raise your glasses…..ok well since it’s not New Years quite yet, maybe just raise the nearest item next to you…yessss a pencil will have to suffice.

To: My bud bud & Professional Athlete Melanie Hardy- It’s DONE….YOU HAVE ALREADY QUALIFIED FOR 2012 IN THE 800 & YOU ARE ONE OF THE TOP RUNNERS IN THE WORLD. You work so hard and deserve the best. Your light shines, you can and will  feel it and others are warmed by your glow….oh and um you did it all with a funky too cool for school hairdo. I  dear say the mohawk is gonna’ see a comeback after this Summer Olympics. 😉

To: Estrella,  your ‘simply marrrveelous darling’ fashion company, BerqclÉ LLC “It’s a household name.” (Forrest Gump …Oh soo wiseeee:) You inspire me. And yes, EVERYTHING you have worked for and then some is a comin’ so brace yeself wee laddie’.

To: My wonderful parents,  supportive siblings(cespes-patcat), ENMA (Starpar, Alpalzi- Epitome of Man’ & Nolpolzi -my partner in crime;), my cousin JBaxter (it just doesn’t get any  better than you!), Juanee Cilliers(see you on the track at this Summer Olympics:), Jessica Branker(Olympics opening ceremony crazyness Oh and Viva Mexico!:),MacKenzie Hill, Greg Nixon, Mr. Comissiong, past coaches Harley Cooper, Dave Rodda, Wayne(from health to hippie), current coache & track wizard Darrell Smith, musical poet Frank the Bodega Man, close friends, random friends and my London Crew (Stephen Burgoyne…Stepho my love, Lady Fiona, Andre Shiiii ;), Amina, Robin, Sir Simon) and my weekly unplanned “random” encounters with some of the awesome blossom (it rhymes leave it alone haha) people the world has to offer.

And finally…

To: The BELIEVER, DOERS , SUPPORTERS, MOVERS & CORE SHAKERS out there! Here’s to you, here’s to us!

A New Year is a great excuse to begin to do what you ought to be doing!

Retching complete.

Happy (a few days before) NEW YEAR!!!