The Rarefied & Colorful

August 4, 2013



Albeit barely born, by the time he hit one, he had already seen and created the world.


And while letters had not made sail into his unfurnished mind or wrangled between the columns inside his vacant mouth, his heart spilt of stories in far away lands, undiscovered pastures, roaring seas and of a friend in whom no journey was improbable.


It was upon the back of a pictoric baby elephant, the young boy would fall asleep.


Bobbing inside of sequestered thoughts, his head lay warmed by the sloppy and playful movements of the babes frank and floppy ear.
The sun pressed heavy against his lids, securing a passageway for careless dreams.


Smirking in the golden light, with eyes shut, the boy saw the earth extended and rising; the very form of natures ample bosom evaporating into the mirth that exists inside of a formless habitat.


Illusive was the rushing wind sliding betwixt the window seals of journeying butterflies dipped in ink.
Surrounded they were by birds thrashing about in a performance with grand sonority aimed at pleasing a slumbering prince.


Connected to his dear friend, his hands became prismatically interwoven, holding the very same print.

Sprinkles of mustard dust swirled with black night, flushed into scarlet curves that drowned inside the reflective skin of emerald leaves.


They were one and the same.


Together they journeyed to the ocean, where, through keen magnification, they observed the condensation of a violet sunset cavorting, in blustered fervor, with thawed foliage and sunken clouds of white.


They wondered past caramel mushroom abodes, deers trapped in necking, phosphorescent trees and hospitable vines.


A world built upon the back of the collected musings of  the an emblazoned mind.


And as he grew, in him the elephant remained; a token of remembrance of all uncharted dreams and to the prodigious mastery that rests inside the thirsting veins of  not merely a Walter-Mitty, but a conjurer of immeasurable possibilities.


I don’t really formally celebrate thanksgiving due to historical inaccuracies. Well, there’s that and the whole Black Friday thing;  A time dedicated to the gluttony of consumerism and the emptying of what the true holiday spirit should really be about. But I will say, if the date has become about a bunch of people spending their time to be with the ones they love & commit their thoughts to being thankful, than, that in itself, is something to celebrate. You always get more of what you want and need in life when you are in a constant mode of appreciation, not just one day but every day. So whether you have a lot, a little, or have someone or are alone, find something, anything to be thankful for. Consistency of thought as it regards to recognizing what I have is what I aim for.  So here’s a list of 24 things  I’m thankful for, in no particular order.

1. Mis Padres y mi Familia

2. Mis Amigos



3.  YOU- To everyone who comes to my blog, reads and clicks. I really appreciate it.

4. For every day I wake to see the sun come up, I know I have purpose and that my work here is not done. And yes I do this Shirly song and dance EVERY MORNING hahah

5. Hot Coffee or Cocoa & writing I am about to move the world through words.

6. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying so hard towards the balanced manifesting of my dreams that I am grateful for the moments when I know that I’ve done enough.

7. Jellyfish. Why? I don’t know, just because they’re beautiful and they artistically inspire me and they are strange creatures. For instance, Jellyfish have been around since before the dinosaurs existed, the biggest jellyfish ever found had a diameter of 8 feet and its tentacles were as long as half the length of a football field, and the growth of a jelly fish NEVER stops, and they are 95% water, and some types, up to 98%.

8. The woods

Even the snowy kind

9. When I meet someone that I feel comfortable enough to reveal all of myself ..and I don’t regret it later 🙂

10. When I feel I’ve tried everything, there’s no greater feeling than infinite possibilities re-shaping itself in a way that I can see and embrace. A shift towards an enlightened perspective that helps me move forward, I am always grateful for.

11. The color red- Since I was a kid it’s never failed to make me happy! Fall, lips, paint, dresses, you name it, if I was born in the form of color it would most definitely be red.

12. Signs that lift and encourage me, especially when I need it the most.

13.  Being in the middle of a busy day and finding the time to lie down, look up and day dream.

14. Neo-Classical Interior Design

15. Handwritten letters & Typewriters

16.  When something I’ve been working for comes my way or when something really lovely happens and I get butterflies in my tummy. Or sometimes it can be just those little wonderful moments where hope presents itself in the form of a film, art, admirable recognition from people you respect or even from a stranger. Or sometimes all it takes is a simple song from jazz crooners like Sam Cooke, Shirley Bassey, Ottis Redding, Louie Armstrong, Julie London, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald or Harry Connick Jr. (who I want to sing at my wedding) that make me feel all excited and hopeful about life.

16. Indian Sari’s

17. Rebellious dogs haha

18. The stillness of the night right before I nod off.

19. Lace & Detailed Embroidery

 Amazingggg BerqclE!

20. The Audrey Tautou CoCo Channel Commercial and the Levi Commercials because they inspire me in every way.

21. Oversized sweaters, long or short skirts w/ pockets, long socks, hats and headbands!


22.Birds nests

23. Imagination & Dreams

24. FIlm Film Film! From as long as I can remember I always knew that film was a huge vehicle in which my energy is meant to travel. I’m to do great things in film.