A Lady

August 23, 2012

She is pointed,
pirouetted, pretty not politically correct, she is,

Dangerously deep, swag walking no doubt; A Ms.Monique.

A pseudonym given not to the faint of heart,
A land blaster.

She combats,
shes charming work of art.

And all that female intuition, excavated from the soul of the Madonna.
Adviser and wise.
She doesn’t ask for permission,
she permeates & pile drives.

Stunner, splendid solid shades propped upon the Ace in Spades.
Pursed lips, tilted crown, you’ll never catch this Queen down; She’s chic sweet constant.

Seeking soaring singing
her mind is bejeweled with that # bling bling;
A Ms.Monique

She don’t care.
She’s gliding, bold, brave above the atmosphere.
A mighty mammoth motha’
She’s a revolt, a boss, an elixir to chaos.