Men of Great Stature

September 27, 2020

Paintings & poem By: MAGNOLIA LAFLEUR

Where are these men of great stature?

Whose voices disrupt built tension.
Lilac Lips soft with bones of timber that bring the heart to ascension.

Oh wonderous creature, muscled flesh and breathing hair, like blowing grass set a fire by a desperate prayer.

In the day, his logic & legs planked, firm like cedar, a focused dance with one direction,
but at night, billowing from the belly of his heart,
he folds into my arms where we lay with no part, mere perfection.

Honorable, his tounge forged with the stone from the tablet of Moses.
His eyes, ignited glass.
The color: pointed asphalt with a surrounding earth filament of tungsten wire
capturing not just face, but heart and mine own desires;

My lids, they close.
I am his,
of this he knows.

Your gentle hands, the craftmanship
Carved to hold me with one tight grip.

Rib torn for me, mine ears split for thee, summoned love born in the fashion of caterpillars floating from drunkard jars, colored wings detailed in the memories of future days of ours.

Cavernous, captivating and capsizing; You- These were the words that spilt from my veins, unraveled my nerves from start, when first your flesh paid heed to my thirsting heart.

The beginning and end of me,
a happy birth, and even happier death I do foresee.

And such a handsome face, salted or water fresh,
as I lick your lips to swallow the tears built in joy or in your fears, to refresh.
And you to me? I recall you saying, I was your tonic, your jubilee.

So are you that man of stature?
Finally come home.
Asleep no more, caught inside my dream catcher?

Tis it not your decision to make?
To have the courage to stay awake.
“Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.”
To love, to kiss, please more.

LoVe is….

December 6, 2012



I couldn’t have said it better:



Love is …..

adaptable adventurous     affable     affectionate     agreeable     ambitious     amiable     amicable     amusing brave bright broad-minded calm careful charming communicative compassionate  conscientious considerate     convivial     courageous courteous creative decisive determined diligent diplomatic     discreet     dynamic easygoing emotional energetic enthusiastic extroverted     exuberant     fair-minded     faithful     fearless       frank friendly funny generous     gentle     good     gregarious     hard-working     helpful     honest     humorous imaginative     impartial     independent     intellectual committed  intelligent     intuitive     inventive kind loving loyal modest neat nice optimistic passionate patient persistent  pioneering philosophical placid     plucky     polite     powerful practical pro-active quick-witted     quiet     rational     reliable  reserved  resourceful  romantic  self-confident  self-disciplined sensible sensitive shy sincere  sociable  sacred  straightforward sympathetic sensual thoughtful tidy  tough     unassuming  understanding husband engaging  versatile  warmhearted  wife   willing     witty heart  family  caring  happiness   forever  happy trust   passion  romance  sweet  kiss love  hugs sexy  warm fun best friend honorable  kisses  joy  sex   friendship   marriage  sincerity  dates   forever   caring