Mozart’s Beak

January 16, 2019


Sometimes I stand in one place,
but I am not there
In this place,
you do not know me.



Here, my blood boils between sighing senses and a sewn In gut
Like cats teeth
I gnaw and claw at my weakest strands
Pulling apart the places where I failed to take a stand.


I stand heart swelling between my pores
this scared crows beak through atmospheric places fighting for MORE!


Ruin and rapture, left to swim amongst the stars I soar.


As my lips peel themselves around
Paradoxical pastries pleasurable and poisonous

It is my insides that hemorrhage rabid &  boisterous.

Adom split, I am divided by three


Frozen shelled it’s my soul that screams FREE!

giphy (2)Pouting, swollen in arrogance
It bleeds through my eyes
Where I remain is far from where my soul flies.




And as I sink beneath the graveled earth, devoured
by swallowing mud and loving larva

it’s Mozart’s beak that reminds me of Nirvana


Flapping feathers furrowed then freed above
fluffy mounds of blushed cotton,
Breeze brushing backwards beyond dreams begotten.
Tonight I dream of leaving it all, of basking in the forgotten.



And in that warm, dusk kissed light,
Horizon stretched
My insanity is etched
A thicket of desires beating through pounds of flesh.

Thirsting for resurrection, I stop only to drink from my own reflection.


Still stood, cold framed
And sweaty
I soar with Mozart, extending myself, creating compositions, rubbed and ready

Violent they’ve become sharpened steal pointed and pinning
Forcing me to go to the beginning.

And in the beginning, “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”
My veins weep as my breath, it leaps beyond this eternal sleep.

giphy (5)


Sometimes I stand in one place,
but I am not there
In this place,
you do not know me.

giphy (4).gif


But should you look upon my pushed past in present face

There you’ll find, entombed inside gorged lids, my soul, the God of impenetrable space.  beakMOZ1


By: Magnolia Lafleur

Facing Up

April 24, 2013

Punch-drunk in a persuasive sea

I am caught in a bottle bound for beleaguered shores.
And around me dizzy trees and mountains roar.

Clouds shock themselves into tears

While I stare, facing up, thinking of you my dear


Tip-toeing inside the black, you gently waltz across evening shadows
And suddenly whizzz across the sky like an eager arrow

And all the while inside this noisy night
Pondering is swallowed by the twinkling of lights.

Etched between the moon and stars
are the arches of your smile and your lips, the hue of Mars.

And while I want to crash inside your heavens dust,
You cannot hear me above the oceans rust.

And though the sky has not offered its hand

I sit watchful with each breath ready to compress then expand;

Until the dusk peels back its skin

And I am kissed by dawns begin.







By Magnolia

When you observe mother earth, you are witnessing a reflection, a backwards mirror image painted in the form of wind, rain and heat of the HUMAN CONDITION. This is a look onto our planet from ground and from overview. We only have one planet earth, like our bodies, it’s best we take care of it.


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

On Planet Earth


  • More than 80% of the Earth’s surface is volcanic
  • The tornado is the most violent of all earth’s storms
  • Although the light is the fastest thing ever known to man, it seems that it’s not as fast as we thought. The sunlight that’s enlightening the world today is about 30 000 years old. That’s how long it needed to travel from the core of the Sun to its surface. After that it needs only eight minutes to reach the Earth.
  • One lightning bolt has enough electricity to service 200 000 homes.
  • Thunderstorms can generate gusts of wind that can develop additional thunderstorms 100 miles away.
  • Chemical Composition of the Earth: 34.6% Iron, 29.5% Oxygen, 15.2% Silicon, 12.7% Magnesium, 2.4% Nickel, 1.9% Sulfur, and 0.05% Titanium
  • The Greeks fenced off spots that had been struck by lightning so that man would not tred on ground touched by Gods.
  • There is NOT a law of nature that prohibits 2 snowflakes from being identical.
  • A government study showed that one small thunderstorm held more than 33 million gallons of water.
  • Earth can be seen as a living, breathing organism: it regulates temperature, burns energy, continually renews its skin, and experiences changes to its face as it ages with time
  • The biggest clouds are cumulonimbus, climbing up to 6 miles high and holding up to half a million tons of water.
  • A single snowstorm can drop 40 million tons of snow, carrying the energy equivalent to 120 atom bombs.
  • A government study showed that one small thunderstorm held more than 33 million gallons of water.
  • The Earth has tectonic plates, which allow the crust to recycle itself.


  • The oceans contain 99 percent of the living space on the planet.
  • Silence in space is endless, just like the space itself. On Earth the sound travels in waves that vibrate air molecules. But in the vacuum space there aren’t any molecules to conduct it, so the sound doesn’t exist out there. Even if a space ship explodes there will be just – silence.
  • In ten minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world’s nuclear weapons combined!
  • Rain contains vitamin B12.
  • In 1973, Skylab 2 astronaut Jack Lousma told Time magazine that he’d accidentally smashed a bottle of aftershave in his first days back from a month-long sojourn in space. He’d let go of the bottle in mid-air, forgetting that it would crash to the ground rather than just float there.
  • The word “planet” comes from the Greek word planetai for “wanderer.
  • The winter of 1932 in the US was so cold that Niagara falls froze completely solid!
  • You can use pine cones to forecast the weather: The scales will close when rain is on the way.

Off Planet Earth


“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.”

Persian Proverb